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Finding LinX: Rima Abu-Hamdan’s Platform for Systemic Nonprofit Solutions

Kelsey Burhans | April 2021 Our latest winner of the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) Pitch Competition brings enthusiasm, empathy, and expertise to her data-driven solution for connecting nonprofit stakeholders in real time. A few months after Rima won first place and Crowd Favorite at the finale pitch event, we caught up with her to learn more about her journey with LinX. Prioritizing Purpose Due to her business background, Rima is predisposed to problem solving. She finds it difficult to isolate herself from world events, especially as a mother observing the disproportionate effects that crises usually have on women and […]

Shared Narratives: HBAP Pitch Winner Suman Roy Tells Her Story

Kelsey Burhans | November 2020 The most recent winner of the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) Pitch Competition has been leveraging her own expertise and that of enthusiastic advisors to weave a successful narrative for her company, Alena’s Storytime. In this article, we’ll touch base with Suman Roy about her ongoing entrepreneurial endeavors, and hopefully inspire the next wave of HBAP entrepreneurs for the upcoming competition in January. Origin Story Suman has always been an avid learner, and views this as an especially important way of keeping up with a fast-moving world. She first acquired a Master’s degree in Computer […]

HBAP Pitch Winner Dr. Reena Gajjar: Pursuing Entrepreneurial Excellence

Kelsey Burhans | July 2020 The inaugural Pitch Competition for the Harvard Business Analytics Program was marked by the superb quality of its contestants, none more so than competition winner Dr. Reena Gajjar and her company Minis4Me. Reena’s preparation, passion, and motivation were apparent in early stages of the competition, having continuously honed her proposal over many months in HBAP. The vigor with which she approached the final round – a live pitch event in front of three influential judges and hundreds of audience members – left little doubt about the fortitude of Minis4Me and its founder. Inspiration and Instinct […]

Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics

Whether you’re interested in becoming a leader or simply want to be a more effective one, it’s important to understand the difference between two critical fields: business intelligence and business analytics. Knowing the difference between the two will ensure you are leveraging what you need to know to make smart, strategic decisions. 

A Growing Demand for Data Expertise

Professor Jan Hammond is helping students fill a growing need that exists in many industries: informing decision making with data-driven insights. As she prepares to teach Data-Driven Operations and Supply Chain Management in the second term of the Business Analytics program, we spoke with her about the competitive advantage of data expertise across industries.  


The Importance of Innovation with Business Analytics

In his Digital Strategy and Innovation course, Professor Karim Lakhani will explore how companies’ business models, use of analytics and business strategies are evolving. We spoke to Lakhani about his goals for the course and the pressing need for data analytics experts in the business world today.