Advance Your Career with the Online Harvard Business Analytics ProgramAdvance Your Career with the Online Harvard Business Analytics ProgramAdvance Your Career with the Online Harvard Business Analytics Program

The Harvard Business Analytics Program is offered through a collaboration between Harvard Business School (HBS), the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS).

Designed for aspiring and established leaders in any industry, the program leverages a rigorous cross-disciplinary curriculum to help students not just analyze data but understand it, translate it, and incorporate it into strategy at the top levels of their organizations. Students benefit from world-class instruction in courses designed by esteemed Harvard faculty and collaborate with diverse peers in highly interactive online classes. In addition, students attend two in-person immersions hosted at Harvard Business School, where they formulate solutions to real-world business scenarios and develop a network of data-minded business leaders. Students emerge from the program poised to advance into analytics-focused leadership roles and drive disruptive innovation through data.

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The Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) not only teaches professionals to harness the power of data — it also creates a community of proud HBAPers who connect across locations and industries. Hear their experiences firsthand and discover what it means to be an HBAPer.

Program Delivery

The Harvard Business Analytics Program features a blended format with live online and in-person components.


Faculty from HBS, SEAS, and FAS have come together to design Harvard Business Analytics Program classes. You will work with professors from each department throughout the course of your program, learning from their expertise and experiences.

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Coursework and Classes

Each week, you will complete online coursework that includes case studies, faculty lectures, and small-group projects. Coursework is then discussed during weekly live class sessions that are hosted in a virtual classroom. All live classes are designed by Harvard faculty.

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In-Person Immersions

Immersions will be hosted twice annually on Harvard Business School’s campus in Boston. You will attend two immersions, where you will have the chance to meet your classmates and professors and learn from business leaders.

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“I wanted to make a major change. I applied to the Harvard Business Analytics Program as a way to catapult myself in a new direction. I wanted to be on the right side of digital transformation, and HBAP helped bridge that gap tremendously while also bringing about a total career change.”

— Renee Becker Bourbeau, October 2018 cohort


The final application deadline for the July 2021 cohort is May 10, 2021.

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