Program Fees

“When I invested in HBAP, I didn’t just invest in cutting-edge higher education, the Harvard brand, or the infinitely connected network. I invested in me, giving myself the best possible shot at doing meaningful work that will far outlive me. It is, bar none, the best investment of my life.

– Shonali Burke, HBAP ’21

Program fees are $6,500 per core course, $3,250 per seminar, and $3,000 per immersion for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students will complete a total of six core courses, two immersions, and two seminars during their course of study. They should expect the total cost of the program—not including travel and lodging expenses—to be $51,500 based on current program fee rates. The Harvard Business Analytics Program reserves the right to increase fees at any time.

Program fees will be paid incrementally each term based on the number of courses taken; your first-term payment will be due at time of registration. To determine your cost per term, please reference the sample charts below.

In addition to program costs, students will be responsible for travel and room and board costs for the two required immersions. These can be completed during any term, as long as prerequisites have been met.

TermEstimated Program Fees
Term 1$19,250
Term 2$16,250
Term 3$16,000
TermEstimated Program Fees
Term 1$6,500
Term 2$12,750
Term 3$6,500
Term 4$9,750
Term 5$6,500
Term 6$9,500

Prices shown are based on the 2020-2021 academic year. All HBAP courses are noncredit courses.

Applications include a non-refundable fee of $75. If you attend an online event as a prospective student and stay for the duration of the event, you will receive a waiver for our $75 application fee.

A non-refundable commitment fee is due upon enrollment and applied to Term 1 costs.

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Funding Your Program

While federal financial aid is not available for certificate programs, we encourage you to explore all funding options, including employer sponsorships and loans. Many organizations offer continuing education reimbursements or funding.

Employer Sponsorship

We’ve compiled two documents to assist you in requesting and securing support from your employer.

The first is a list of tips that may be helpful for you as you prepare for the meeting. The document reviews questions you should be able to answer, questions you should ask, and how to follow up. Download the Student Support Brochure.

The second document is for your employer. It outlines our program, fees, and the return on investment for your company. Download the Employer Support Brochure.

Our enrollment counselors can also help you determine the best way to approach requesting employer support.


Below is a list of lenders who have indicated that they are willing to provide loans to Harvard Business Analytics Program participants. The contact information is provided as a service and not as an endorsement of the lender. You may choose a lender from the list below or any other lender of your choice. Each lender will have its own eligibility criteria and lending requirements. Our school ELM code is 002155-92.

As a student in the program, you will need to apply for loans each term based on term costs. Harvard cannot accept a one-time loan for the full cost of the program.

Loan Deadlines

Class Start DateLoan Application DeadlineLoan Certification Deadline
July 2021June 7, 2021June 28, 2021
October 2021September 6, 2021September 27, 2021

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