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The HBAP team and faculty never stop thinking about what’s next. Neither do our students.

From the moment you enroll in the Harvard Business Analytics Program, you’ll have access to the latest, most relevant professional development opportunities you can only find at an institution at the forefront of innovation and research.

HBAP students and graduates stay in constant contact with administrators and faculty—so when the needs of our learners change, our offerings change. Explore some of the benefits we offer today, while we continue to engage, reevaluate, and adapt for tomorrow.

First Look: Beta Cases

Have you ever wondered how Harvard Business School (HBS) case studies are developed? As an HBAPer, you’ll be able to play an active role in the process. Be among the first to read and discuss new, unpublished cases in collaboration with HBS faculty who create and teach them. Registration is required, as space is limited.

New Insights: Learning Sprints

Learning Sprints are short, intensive programs focusing on specialized topics relevant to HBAP students. Instructors bring a wealth of experience, not only in their field of expertise, but also in the delivery of highly engaging online learning.

Recent Learning Sprints have included:

  • AI Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Defining and Pitching Your AI Startup
  • AI Product Management Strategy with Marily Nika
  • Everyday Analytics with Emily Oster

HBAP students and graduates have special early access to Learning Sprint registration.

There are two levels of participation for Learning Sprints:

General Admission

With General Admission, you’ll have access to the following benefits:

  • View class sessions live.
  • Access all live session recordings.
  • Join an exclusive, moderated Slack channel to discuss the content with fellow participants.

Front Row Admission

Limited to fewer participants, ranging from 30-70 depending on the program, this level includes all General Admission benefits plus, depending on the program, some or all of the following:

  • Actively participate on camera in weekly, live sessions.
  • Attend additional sessions or workshops.
  • Access instructor feedback, interactive assignments, and live Q&A.
  • Attend office hour sessions for additional academic support.

Big Ideas: Entrepreneurship Resources

HBAP offers entrepreneurship programming every year, which has included an annual Pitch Competition with opportunities for workshops and mentorship, as well as a startup lecture series led by Rana el Kaliouby, Ph.D., Harvard Business School Executive Fellow, Deputy CEO of Smart Eye and, formerly, co-founder of Affectiva, and Doug Levin, Executive-in-Residence at Harvard Business School and founder and first CEO of Black Duck Software. HBAP’s most recent entrepreneurship offering is a six week series on AI and entrepreneurship featuring four sessions and two hands-on workshops led by Marily Nika, PhD (Google, HBAP Teaching Fellow), Lauren Moores, PhD (Ultimate Medicine, HBAP Teaching Fellow), Debi Kleiman (author of First Pitch), and Brandon Leibowitz (Fuel for Thought), with support from HBS faculty.

All HBAP students and graduates are eligible to participate in these programs, which give you the tools to turn promising concepts into market-ready businesses.

Participant Perspectives

What students are saying about HBAP’s entrepreneurship programming:

“Fantastic, such valuable information. Thank you!”
“So relevant to the entrepreneurial journey.”
“Incredible sessions, great speakers/panelists!”
“So much amazing information was covered. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.”
“Great series. I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and readings.”

HBAP Pitch Competition

This annual competition allows participants to formally pitch their ventures to the Harvard Business Analytics Program community. Finalists pitch before a live public audience and a panel of experts. The winners enjoy the following:

  • Take home the trophy.
  • Receive exclusive prizes (changes annually).
  • Present their venture during a LinkedIn Live event.

Inner Circle: Networking Opportunities

As an HBAP student, you’ll receive access to interdisciplinary groups doing groundbreaking work.

Digital, Data, and Design Institute (D^3)

Digital transformation, data proliferation, and design thinking have created a new business paradigm. D^3 was formed to provide a powerful foundation for accelerating research on big, multidisciplinary problems in business and society. 

Through the D^3 Learning Network, you can connect with Harvard and Harvard Business School alumni, professional learning participants, industry experts, and corporate cohorts through various platforms, events, and learning experiences.

Learn more about the D^3 strategy and join the mailing list to explore upcoming opportunities.

Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI)

Research at the HDSI shapes data-driven policy and analyzes the implications of big data for human society. Experts in computer science, statistics, law, business, public policy, education, medicine, and public health unite to derive actionable insights that shape the science of data.

As an HBAPer, you’ll receive regular HDSI news updates on upcoming panel discussions, publications, and industry talks as well as an invitation to the annual HDSI conference.

Learn more about the work being done at the HDSI.

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