Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Harvard Business Analytics Program, you will be prepared to:

  • speak the language of data scientists;
  • leverage data and analytics to drive strategy and innovation across the firm;
  • use data to clarify ambiguity and take advantage of economic opportunities;
  • gain competitive advantages in a data-centric world;
  • use data for predictive decision-making; and
  • understand basic programming, data architecture, and quantitative analysis.

Harvard Business Analytics Curriculum

The rigorous curriculum consists of entirely new courses, designed by Harvard faculty, that will help you build your capabilities in technical, analytical, and operational areas that can be used to advance your firm’s position in the global market. As a student you will:

  • sharpen your core data analysis and management skills;
  • explore emerging technologies and practices in next-generation analytics, such as blockchain, digital strategy, and AI/ML; and
  • learn how to interpret your findings and use them to uncover valuable business insights. Our faculty will guide you in applying these concepts to your organization, with a mind toward maximizing efficiencies and outcomes.