Career Services for Harvard Business Analytics Students

The Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) is committed to helping current or enrolled students clarify, develop, and execute their personal and professional goals. To that end, our career development team provides a series of live webinars, instructional resources, and personalized coaching opportunities to prepare students for job planning and career management endeavors.

“The Harvard Business Analytics program gave me the skills, confidence, and relationship network to make a 180 degree career change to a new role in a new industry. The skills and knowledge I gained were instrumental in my search for a new position and in leveraging my new role for the next phase of my career.”

–Ann Cleland, ’18, Director of Governance, VMware

“One month after completing the Harvard Business Analytics Program, I began a new role as the business intelligence and analytics capabilities leader for commercial sales at Amazon Web Services. In addition to giving me new technical competencies, HBAP challenged me to think differently about the value of data and how business models are being transformed by analytics. In my new role, I am now using these frameworks daily.”

–Brian Calvanese, ’18, Business Intelligence and Analytics Leader, Amazon Web Services

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What Resources Do We Provide?

Informational Webinars

As an HBAP student, you have access to a series of live webinars delivered by an executive coach. These webinars explore the following topics:

  • Career Self-Assessment: Learn how to discover and evaluate your career interests and identify your unique learning objectives for your next role. A better understanding of your interests, personality, skills, and values is critical when preparing for a career change or advancement. Assessment tools can help to increase self-awareness and connections to viable career options.
  • Professional Brand Development: Developing your brand will help you to clearly explain who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how you’ve used your strengths to create impact for others. Why is this significant? Because sharing your career narrative is just as important as your work history.
  • Professional Networking: Building and sustaining your professional network is considered a pivotal element of career management. Learning traditional and unconventional approaches to developing a robust network will help you to identify unforeseen opportunities.
  • Interview Preparation: An interview can be an unpredictable challenge. However, as a job-seeker, you have agency to control your communication and preparation. Participating in mock interviews, creating a brand narrative, writing application materials, and preparing a list of comprehensive questions are all a part of developing strong interview skills.

These live webinars are recorded and available for online viewing after the fact.

Instructional Resources

The HBAP career team has a portfolio of resources to help you improve your resume and cover letter materials, update your LinkedIn profile, prepare for interviews, and receive guidance on negotiation conversations. Use your program email address to access all resources here.

Personalized Coaching Opportunities

Our program offers the opportunity to work one-on-one with a career coach to plan your trajectory, build a more powerful and relevant resume, prepare for interviews, and navigate important career decisions.

To request a career coaching appointment, please email or call 855-832-9702.

LinkedIn Profile Development

In the current job market, a robust LinkedIn profile serves as a digital overview of your work history and your professional brand identity. The HBAP career team offers coaching to enhance the design, direction, and content of your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, students are given access to LinkedIn Premium as part of their enrollment in the program.

Professional Networking

One of the most important aspects of HBAP is the network you will build with your classmates. These networks are built through interaction via social channels such as Slack and LinkedIn and in-person immersions on campus. Students also take advantage of live peer learning sessions and other online interactions that build community. To get started, follow the Harvard Business Analytics Program on LinkedIn.

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